Wee Playhouse: A DIY Little Tikes Makeover and Sump Pump “Water Feature”

Pictures1   When I was a tinier girl, I had a friend with a two-story, fully-decorated playhouse in her backyard. It was incredible. I still want it thirty years later! Too bad my carpentry skills are so limited.

Emmie spied this playhouse at Goodwill a few weeks ago and would not leave it alone. I’m not usually one to put hulking pieces of plastic in my yard, but I put high value on anything that will keep her entertained outside. I decided to go for it. With my mom’s senior discount, it was $53. 20140416_134330 Our backyard is pretty much dominated by our two big dogs. The only place I could realistically put the house was in the side yard. Our sump pump drains there also, and it is always muddy. It was not an ideal situation. I needed a creative solution, not only to make the muddy area hospitable, but also to make the plastic house look a little less hideous. 20140417_144540 (1)   I decided to make the playhouse match our house as best I could. I took the roof off completely and spray painted it black. Then with huge amounts of tape and newspaper covering areas I didn’t want painted, I spray painted the outside of the house green. I added a battery operated doorbell, a flag, a vinyl tablecloth, and a flowerpot for fun. IMG_4755 To solve the sump pump issue, I decided to create a little creek bed to work with the water. I bought about $6 worth of pebbles from Home Depot, dug a sloping trench, and added a few larger rocks I found around the yard. Emmie loves it when the water comes gushing out of the pipe, and now it’s a “water feature” instead of a puddle. At least that’s what I’ve been telling myself. IMG_4766   As a finishing touch, I filled a broken wagon we had in the garage with some sand to use as a sandbox. Emmie mostly just picks up handfuls of sand and deposits them in the little creek. She doesn’t quite get it yet. IMG_4770   Here she is, playing in her little house. Even though it’s not a two-story dreamhouse, it makes her pretty happy. 20140420_121916


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